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About Us/Church History

The Church was organized on Sunday, February 10, 1929, by the late Reverend Norris G. Green, with 18 members. The congregation met at Salem Baptist Church, 12 Street south of Bainbridge Street, at 11:00 a.m. Reverend Green ascended the rostrum and preached from the text “I saw the dead, both great and small, standing before God.” After the sermon, the congregation proceeded to organize as a permanent Baptist Church. The late Deacon Charles Smith was appointed temporary Church Clerk and officers were elected. We were able to secure and worship at the following locations:    928 South 12 Street; 1024 Christian Street; 1108 East Passyunk Avenue; 1118 Bainbridge Street  

Reverend Green served faithfully for 15 years, seeing Gospel Temple through many hardships until his death. After the death of Reverend Green in 1944, the late Deacon James Cephas became Chairman of the Church. Deacon Cephas officiated until the late Reverend Lawrence T. Thomas was elected pastor in 1945.  

Reverend Thomas pastured for 17 wonderful years, until his death, leaving the late Deacon Milton Brown, Sr. as Chairman of the Church. Deacon Brown officiated until the members elected Reverend William Womack as Pastor in 1964. Reverend Womack served as well until he resigned in 1970 to form his own church, leaving the late Deacon Stephen Washington as Church Chairman. Deacon Washington officiated until we called Reverend Benjamin Gray in November 1970.  

Reverend Gray pastured Gospel Temple for 19 months, until he too resigned. The resignation of Reverend Gray left the church without a pastor, , leaving Deacon Washington as Church Chairman, once again. Gospel Temple then called Reverend James S. Lee in 1973. Reverend Lee served until 1975, again leaving Deacon Washington to serve as Church Chairman.  

Gospel Temple then called our present pastor, Reverend Doctor Daniel Taylor Black, an inspired man of God, who is full of the Holy Spirit.  

We were blessed in being able to secure this location, 1327-33 South 19 Street, location expanded from 1327-33 South 19 Streets to Dorrance and Earp Streets. Construction began April 1997 for our new edifice and the expansion of our church.  

On September 13, 1998 Gospel Temple Baptist Church had its Dedication Service. The theme was “Building On A Solid Foundation.” Mayor Edward Rendell, City Councilwoman Ann Verna, State Representative Harold James and Sheriff John Green were some of the public officials that attended the dedication service. Pastor Arthur White, Community Christ Church presided the sermon.  

To all of the men and women who held our church together through great trials and tribulations and who are responsible for the prosperity of our church, we commend you to excellence in God’s Work.

Gospel Temple Baptist Church
1327 S. 19th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19146
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